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The best time to starting building credit is during your college years. This is the exact reason why young people are encouraged to get a student credit card which can help them establish personal credit history and build a solid credit score easily.

However, managing credit is a serious responsibility and the risks should not be ignored nor taken granted. If you want to use own a credit card in college, see to it that you are well-informed and ready to take on your duties as a cardholder.

On this page, we present helpful articles that provide tips on how you can properly manage revolving credit, how you can use your student credit card to boost your credit score, bad credit habits you should steer clear from, and everything you need to know about credit.

Credit Cards and Students

If you are a student thinking about applying for your first credit card, you are preparing to establish a credit record of your own. It is a good idea to start early. Whether in high school with a debit Visa or MasterCard that reports to the credit bureaus, or college, since a credit card will be essential once you’ve graduated. Setting up a respectable credit history is a good foundation which can help you tremendously later in life. Aside from banks, companies, landlords, and firms generally judge your credentials based on your credit rating.

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Student Credit Card Mistakes

Students are prone to get caught in credit card debt. Let’s take a closer look at the following mistakes that students make with their student credit cards.

Signing up for the first student credit card offer
As you enter college, you might receive a lot of credit card for students offers from different credit card issuers.

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Why do credit card companies target College Students

Many credit card companies see the marketing potential in college students. Credit card companies use promotional offers and free gifts like t-shirts, coffee mugs, or CDs to entice students on signing up for their company.

Have you ever asked why? Loyalty is a good reason. Credit card companies are competing to be the first credit card that the student will own. By being their first credit card, it is very likely that even when they graduate from college and enter the corporate world, students will be upgrading their credit cards with the same credit card company.

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Avoid Student Credit Card Debt

Students are prone to acquiring credit card debt. Why? Because most young people do not know or are not paying attention on how to handle their credit cards correctly. Here are some practical advice on the proper use of student credit cards and how to avoid credit card debt.

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Credit Cards and High School Students

The Federal law doesn’t provide any restrictions about issuing credit cards to minors. In fact, credit card companies consider teen-agers as a very profitable market. Most credit card companies often require a co-signer when a minor applies for a credit card. When a teenager reaches the age of 18, he has the right to sign-up for a credit card on his name even without a cosigner.

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Teaching Students about Credit Security

A lot of college students are excited about acquiring their first credit cards. Despite the ease and convenience that credit card brings, it is very important to learn how to handle a student credit card properly. Reports show that a lot of college students graduate with unpaid debts on their account. They have used their student credit cards without control and have put themselves in a difficult situation.

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How Students Can Manage Their Student Credit Cards

Surveys prove that many college students graduate with unpaid debts on their student loans which can amount to $20,000. Those who are still in college are faced with credit card debts amounting to $7,000 or even more. Even worse, there are many at a young age of 15-25 have already filed for bankruptcy. If you’re a student who owns a student credit card, these staggering surveys should definitely concern you. What can you do to avoid falling victim of bad credit?

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