Good Credit Cards for Students

Some student credit cards are particularly created for customers who already have established credit history and are presently in good standing. As a reward for having good credit, these student credit cards offer lower interest rates, exclusive perks or no annual fees.

When in search for a student credit card, see to it that you meet the issuer’s credit requirement.

How to Maintain Good Credit Even Beyond College

Establishing credit history can be easy but keeping it in good shape is the real challenge. Are you a student who wants to build credit? There are actually many ways for you to maintain your good credit not only while in college but even beyond graduation as well. Check out the following tips:

Be timely. There’s still no substitute to timely payment. And this should not be surprising since your credit score is largely based on payment history (35%). Yes, occasional and frequent late payments will hurt your score so if you want to keep it excellent, pay your bills on time.

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Good Credit Tips for Students

One of the most exciting things about being a college student is practicing independence. Financial experts do advice that the best time to start building good credit is while you are still a student. Even with the changes to the credit card law, it is still easier for students to apply for their first credit card. If you are a student, what should you to build up good credit history?

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