Bad Credit Cards for Students

Do you have bad credit? If so, consider rebuilding your credit score with a bad credit credit card for student that will report your payments to the three major credit bureaus. Don’t forget to check the interest rates and the fees, as well as the credit card features. Some credit cards for bad credit may carry high APRs but you can find ones that can help you repair credit with a reasonable interest rate.

Keep in mind that by using your bad credit credit card regularly and by submitting your payments on time, you can improve your personal credit at a faster rate. This page contains tips and guide on bad credit cards for students.

Advice for Students Who Want a Credit Card

Would you like to own a credit card in college? There is nothing wrong with using a student credit card. In fact, it is a great tool that you can use to train yourself on how to handle debt and credit. It is also a wonderful tool for building early credit history.

Unfortunately, many young people who used student credit cards soon found themselves stuck in a serious dilemma – bad debt. Due to uncontrolled spending and mismanagement of their credit card accounts, these youngsters had to graduate college with bad debt and bad credit history. Instead of using their credit cards to build a solid credit rating, their poor credit card use has led them to suffer from bad credit history.

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Credit Card Guidelines for College Students

According to a survey conducted by Nellie May in 2005, the average freshman carries more than $1,500 in credit card debt. By the time they graduate from college, the already have debts waiting to get paid even before they get hired for their first job. Truly, that can be a scary situation.

However, you can take control over your credit card use to avoid the risk of bad debt. Instead, you can use your credit cards for students to build solid credit. Take a look at the following guidelines for college students who use credit cards:

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