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For many married couples and lovers, Valentine’s Day Credit Card Guide for Students This Holiday Seasonis a time to show their most romantic side and demonstrate their love for the other person. How do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2012? Are you planning to surprise your other-half or your special someone with a gift? If yes, make sure that you don’t get yourself into debt trouble for the sake of that one-day celebration. Here are some Valentine’s Day gift-giving suggestions that can save your budget:

Make V-day a movie parade day. Instead of falling in line in the theaters to watch a single film, why not consider renting out your favorite movies on DVD and stay in, watch movies together, over popcorns and hotdogs? It can be a lot more fun than going out if both of you loves watching movies.

Prepare a home-cooked dinner. Have you tried cooking for your special someone? Being surprised with a dinner that your partner especially prepared just for you can be so romantic. If you’re not sure what dish to prepare, why not ask help from your parent or from a friend who loves cooking. Practice it at least a week in advance so you can be perfect it before Valentine’s Day. The time and effort you spent in putting together the dinner is enough to melt your partner’s heart.

Make something by hand. If you know a particular craft or if you know how to paint, why not give your partner something that you personally made? It will surely make your loved one feel more special than a gift that is readily bought from a store.

Book an early flight. If you’ve been dreaming of a getaway or a grand vacation with your partner, you can save a great deal of money by booking your flight early. Don’t wait until the month of February or until the week of Valentine’s Day to make reservations as the price of everything – flights and accommodations, are bound to be more expensive during this season. Plan your trip at least two months in advance to make sure that you can get discounts especially if you will book your flight and make hotel reservations online.

Avoid express shipping. You can save money by purchasing online. However, the shipping costs can prove to be steep especially during holidays. While some merchants may offer free shipping as part of their promotion, most online retailers will take advantage of the season to make profit. Thus, you can save a great deal on delivery costs by avoiding overnight or express shipping. Order early and make a special request to the merchant that you need the package to arrive at the recipient’s address by Valentine’s day.

Pay in cash. Many consumers today own at least one credit card. Even college students have their own credit cards so they can easily purchase in advance and worry about repayment later. However, if you’re planning to buy a gift or spend for your loved one on Valentine’s Day, see to it that you have the cash to spend. Start saving money as early as today to be sure that you won’t be short on cash. Student credit cards can come in handy during times of emergencies but should not be an excuse to spend lavishly on V-day or any holiday.

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