Online vs Traditional Learning – Which Is Better?

There is a wide range of distance learning degree programs available today and many students choose to study online to enjoy flexibility and convenience. However, some people may hesitate to study online, thinking that traditional schooling is the best form of education.

Have you thought about enrolling in an online education course? In this article, let’s talk about the benefits that you can enjoy from studying online to help you decide whether or not this form of education is for you.

What is an Online Education Course?

Most of the courses or educational programs offered through the internet are the same as those offered in traditional schools. Even the scope of the course follows the standard curriculum set by the State. However, the major difference is that instead of a regular class setting, classes are conducted through the internet.

Search the internet and you’ll see that many online distance learning institutions offer courses in different fields of studies. Varying degree courses are available such as Master’s Degree programs, Bachelor’s Degree, Associate’s Degree as well as vocational courses.

What are the Benefits of Online Learning?

One major benefit of studying online is the flexibility of schedule. An online education course is advantageous especially for working students who need to balance their schedule between working and studying. Through online education programs, a student can use his/her time more effectively to attend classes without having to resign from a job.

Are you working as an employee for a company? Or are you managing a small business? If yes, enrolling in an online course gives you the opportunity to enhance your skills or upgrade to a higher degree of education while working or managing your business at the same time.

Another advantage of studying online is that the student has more access to online instructors. If you have any questions or if you need assistance with a particular aspect of a lesson, it is easier to communicate with your instructor by posting a message on the message board, sending an email, or directly asking your question through chat messaging or video conference.

Who Should Consider Online Education?

Yes, studying online can be very convenient for a student. However, challenges can be expected as well. For one, there is the challenge of practicing self-discipline and being motivated in order to really learn the lessons and benefit from each class.

In an online setting of education, active participation in class discussions is very important. As a student, you need to let your presence known. This way, you can interact not only with your instructor but with other students or with your classmates as well. Because the teacher is not physically present to call your attention, how you benefit from each lesson will depend on your willingness to pay attention to what is being discussed online.

Once you have decided to study online, you need to be prepared to take on your responsibilities as a student. This includes being present in class regularly; submitting reports, assignments and projects on time; answering quizzes and examinations honestly; participating in class discussions, etc.

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Nita Harris is a graduate of a Computer Science program in Santa Monica, CA. A budding programmer and a web developer, she also furthers her education through a distance learning degree while working full time in a small IT company. She also writes, whenever time permits, for Building Credit for Students.

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