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We live in the age of computers, where almost every aspect of life has been made easier by computer technology in one way of another. Hence, a career in Information Technology is certainly a promising one. This is why many students are considering a course related to Information Technology. Listed below are examples of IT courses that you can enroll yourself in through online education courses.

Information Systems Security Specialist. Many online universities today offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Security or Network Security. A specialist in this field is the one in charge of protecting a networking system from unauthorized access and loss or corruption of data.

Computer Forensics Specialist. Specialists who are assigned in computer forensics assist in analyzing criminal evidence to resolve crime investigations using computer technology.

Health Informatics Specialist. A specialist in this field collects data that are related to medicine and health care. Examples of such data are as patient records, drug listings, and clinical analysis. If you have graduated in a course related to medicine and would like to enhance your career, then you may consider branching pursuing Information Technology majoring in health informatics or bio informatics.

Technology Management Specialist. Specialists in Technology Management are also called Systems Analysts. They are the ones who have the duty ensure the overall efficiency of the networking system in a corporate set-up, educational institutions and government organizations.

Computer Programmer. Computer Programming has been a popular field of Information Technology since it was first introduced in the market. These specialists are the ones who create and develop software applications. This particular IT education program is further categorized in three fields of studies- computer science, information technology, and software engineering.

Database Administrator. As the name implies, a database administrator is the one in charge of managing, retrieval and safekeeping information contained in databases. Both large corporations and small companies hire database administrators and is considered as one of the highest-paying professions in the industry today.

Web Developer. Web developers are also computer programmers who specialize in different types of web applications, server programming, and network solution.

Mobile Applications Programmer. This is the newest field of study in information technology. It deals with the creation and development of software applications (ex. Java, .NET) that are necessary for mobile devices.

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