Money Saving Tips for Students on Valentine’s Day

helpful tipsFor merchants, Valentine’s Day is considered to be one of the most profitable seasons of the year. With couples, young and old, searching for that perfect gift item for their special one. For restaurant owners, Valentine’s Day is also a celebrated day, as many couples and even groups of friends choose to celebrate by dining out.

How do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this coming year? How do you imagine spending the day with your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or partner in life? If you’re a student with limited cash, how do you plan to stretch that budget for V-day?

In this article, we present practical, money saving tips for students on V-day:

Take a walk together. When was the last time you’ve taken a relaxing walk with your special someone at the park or in a place with an amazing view? If you live near the beach or near a mountain park, spending Valentine’s Day with just the two of you, enjoying each other’s company and the beauty of nature is a budget-friendly, yet romantic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Cook for your loved one. They say that the best gift you can give someone is your time. Whether you’re still in the boyfriend, girlfriend stage or are already married, consider preparing a home-cooked dinner for your loved one.

Are you hesitant because you don’t know how to cook? In that case, you may want to ask a friend or perhaps your mother to teach you how to prepare a simple recipe that will surely warm the heart of your special someone. Even a simple dish and a uncomplicated desert can become amazing because it was you who spent time and effort putting it together.

Make Valentine’s Day a movie night. If you both enjoy watching movies, why not rent out all your favorite DVDs and watch all night together over popcorns and cupcakes? It can be so much cheaper and more fun than going out to the theaters to watch just one film.

Reminisce the past. If you’ve been married for a few years, why not look back when you’ve had your first day and do it all-over again for Valentine’s Day. Chances are, you did not spend a lot of money on that first date and reminiscing the past can be so romantic and bring back those sweet memories that will make both of your hearts melt.

Don’t get yourself into debt if you’re broke. If you are truly broke, don’t feel the need to borrow money or to use your credit card just to buy a gift or pay for a lavish restaurant dinner. What’s more important is to spend quality time together – whether it’s by taking a walk by the beach or sharing a meal together at home.

If you’re going to use your credit card without certainty that you can pay off your balance on time, you could find yourself struggling with debt, even months after Valentine’s Day is over. On the other hand, you can always surprise that person you love with a gift once you’ve saved enough cash.

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