Frugal Tips for the Back-to-School Season

Mothers can save a great deal from their back-to-school shopping through planning and the right strategy. Consider the following tips on how you can be frugal this back-to-school season.

Do clothing inventory. Before going to the mall to shop for new clothes, check your kid’s closet first and see which items still fit or are still in good condition. Make a list of each item so you’ll know exactly what pieces of clothing you will need to buy and what items you can purchase to match what’s already in your child’s closet.

Buy most important items first. Once you receive the list of supplies for the year, check which ones are the most important and buy these first. Some of the items on the list can be bought later when they’re needed. This way, you can cut back on your back-to-school budget.

Teach your kids the value of budgeting. Teach your kids about the importance of budgeting and saving money. You can do this by making your shopping list, listing down the price for each item and calculating the total expenses together. This way, your child becomes aware of how much money is available and how much will be spent.

Go with the basics. When it comes to clothing items, invest on a number of good quality clothes in basic colors so you it will be easy to mix and match these with other less expensive clothing items and accessories.

Discuss the plan with your child. Before you take your child to the mall for shopping, make sure that your child understands what you’re looking for and the budget you need to work with.

Buy in bulk. Buying in large quantities is still a great way to buy at a cheaper price. Check which items in your list will be used most frequently for the entire school year and be ready to buy these in bulk. Make sure that the item will stay in good condition for an entire year such as paper, notebooks, pencils, etc.

Shop in groups. Collaborate with other parents in your child’s school or a friend before shopping for schools supplies. This is another great strategy to buy in bulk at a bargain. You can divide the contents of the package with the group and share the cost as well.

Do comparison shopping. The internet is a convenient way to compare prices of different items sold at different shops and merchants. You can find a number of websites that offer free shopping comparison tools to help you out with your shopping.

Enjoy free shipping. Many merchants will offer various deals for the back-to-school season. See to it that you can enjoy free delivery of your purchases right to your door. Thus, you can save on gas and skip shipping costs at the same time.

Use coupon codes. Parents must make the extra effort to find coupon codes that will match their purchases. Saving at least 5% or 10% for each item can save you hundreds of dollars overall.


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